James Christian is ready to put his creativity to work for you.  You can submit your jewelry or metalwork idea for a quote to James at:



Here are some things we will want to know in order to let you know the cost of your project:

1. Type of metal

2. Type of stones, size, and quality (Not sure? We can help!)

3. Ring size (approx.) or dimensions of the piece you want

4. Time frame: *This is a very important deadline for events such as a wedding date.*

5. A description of your idea.  Sample photos or sketches are a plus.

If you don't have every detail figured out, we enjoy helping you perfect the design so we can pull all our ideas together into a piece you (or your loved one) will treasure forever.



Online shopping is currently available at James Christian's Etsy site. 

All custom work is created for you at the time of your order.



Questions? Just email James at jameschristian32@gmail.com